Worship Creates & Praise Communicates

Thank you for listening to the Stargazer Lily Worship and Praise. 

Due to finals, DJ Blue, will be covering for me. And has agreed to keep the worship and praise going using my playlist. 
Today’s Devotion comes from: Psalms 98:4
“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” 
As we enter the holiday season, let me remind you to keep Christ first. In and through all things, continue to praise him. Jesus is the center of our lives, not only will we worship and praise Him on Sunday’s we will do this everyday. God desires sincerity of our hearts, He wants us to worship him in prayer, praise, and in song. Worship creates and Praise communicates, this is a creative purpose in you. Praise is demonstrating confidence and gratitude to our Lord and Savior Christ. In oath call upon God to testify how great he is, acknowledged His power and goodness. David praised God all the days of his life. Jesus Christ glorified His Father. Both men worshiped with a complete and unfailing love. Let me encourage you to fill your mind, heart and soul, with praise and thanksgiven. And if your worship is imperfect or impure. Just pray these simple words: Father God, help me be a better worshiper. In Jesus name I pray. God bless. 
I Love You for reading these words😍.

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