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Your Past Does Not Define You!!

Welcome to the Stargazer Lily Show I’m the host Lady Victory. Each week I have the opportunity to talk about how we can be a person of influence on purpose.  Today’s topic is Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future Joining me today is Singer, performer, writer Sadiq Davis and his Beloved Wife Aquilla.  Sadiq has a new album out titled “We Can Change Things” also new film documentary titled Honest Struggle how he went from prison and found religion and now an advocate, motivational speaker, and a leader in his Community. The Honest Struggle Audience award winner at Cinequest Film Festival and Official Selection at Cinetopia Film Festival. Directed by Justin Mashouf depicts Sadiq’s struggles to find acceptance after serving twenty five years in the penitentiary. We’ll be discussing his conversion to Islam, and how your past does not determine your future. We all have purpose, we all matter.  For preview visit…

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