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Discovering Truths about Eating Disorder and Resources

Today’s Devotion is Be Your True Self and Love Your Self. We all long for acceptance and belonging, we want to fit in to what society portrays as sexy/beautiful. I must die my hair blond, because blond is in, I must fit into a size 6 or less because if I don’t I’ll be considered fat. Some of us work so hard to satisfy the sense of belonging that we lose sight of our true selves. We forget our own desires and wills, just to fit into the extreme standards society and the media dictates. Let me encourage you today to look into the mirror today and everyday and say “I love you, you’re perfect just the way you are”. This is the reality of who you are. 
Today’s show May 18, 2018 is Discovering Truths about Eating Disorder and Resources Avaiable. My special guest today Lisa Lafayette, whom eighteen years ago suffered from anorexia and bulimia. Spending three years in a state hospital. We will be discussing her journey and how her faith made her well.  Please click on this link to listen to Bis…

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